Global Processing Centre (GPC) offers financial institutions the best value added services in order to provide a full 360 degrees’ package.
Value added services provide advantages for the customers whom can benefit from the Back Office Services, loyalty programs, transaction notifications and other notification services.

GPC brings you the opportunity to create customized solutions for your company in all the levels.

Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC)

DCC for your business

  • DCC for ATMs is a value added transaction that is easily enabled and creates a net new revenue stream.

  • DCC is the first transaction since the approval of surcharging on international transactions that creates a net new revenue stream on already existing international cardholder transactions.

  • DCC moves the FX conversion rate decision to the ATM acquiring network thereby moving the FX margin forward to the acquirers.

  • DCC is optional, but studies show that international cardholders will opt to select the DCC ATM offer between 60% to 70% of the time.

  • The DCC FX rate spread can be adjusted in realtime to ensure market competitive rates are always presented.

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DCC for your customers

  • DCC is processed in real time and displays the home currency equivalent on the ATM screen and receipt. This is the actual amount that will be debited on the cardholder’s bank account.

  • DCC provides tourists and business travellers with a clearly communicated and competitive FX conversion rate.

FX ATM Rate Management Services

Our smart FX Teller machines can dispense multiple currencies at chosen exchange rates, reducing the need for a person to operate those services.

Chargeback Features

The Chargeback Service is a sophisticated approach through which financial institutions can respond to inquiries that require to be handled in a timely and specific manner. Through this service Financial Institutions can outsource to Global Processing Centre the management of the disputed transactions as issuers and acquirers for the following Payment Systems: Visa, MasterCard and China Union Pay (UPI).

Disputed transactions are monitored to ensure that they are cleared and settled by the Payment Systems. Fraud Management Service will also enable GPC will perform the analysis of the chargeback cases that can be used to define additional rules to avoid similar cases in the future.


Obtain reporting on all your accounts. The reports provide in-depth financial analysis and the ability to review funding, reconcile bank statements and manage chargebacks and retrievals more efficiently. Our reports help you to monitor settlements, authorisations and chargebacks. Also, these reports help you to reconcile your accounts on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Loyalty Programmes

Customer loyalty programs are more prevalent than ever and across all sectors. The evolution of digital technologies has placed the customer in control, dictating to brands what they want and expect from them. This has led to a shift towards data-driven marketing and customer-centric strategies, often facilitated through an integrated loyalty program.
A combination of technology and innovative marketing has seen the creation of many types of loyalty strategies, designed to engage and retain customers. Although the strategies have different fundamentals the objectives are the same: Understand, Reward, Engage, Retain customers and in turn increase profits and frequency of customers’ purchases.

The different configurations that GPC can provide for loyalty programs are:
• Points accumulation
Points systems encourage frequent spend by offering customers the ability to earn points relative to their transaction spend. Points are stored in a bonus account and can be redeemed against miles, rewards, discounts, gifts and customer purchases.
• Cash-Back Program
This program rewards customers by refunding a certain percentage (usually from 0.5-2%) of all the spending in specific merchants. The discount percentage is accumulated in a bonus account and can be exchanged by cash by the customer.