Global Processing Center (GPC) enables financial institutions of all sizes to connect through the GPC gateway to international payment systems such as Visa, MasterCard and UnionPay International. This service has become an effective business model because of the flexibility and security it offers. In addition, GPC Switching Service is an economical alternative for banks wishing to connect their in-house or outsourced processing centre to VisaNet or MasterCard. GPC´s Switching Service ensures that our clients outperform in a competitive market, using a tested and proven environment.

GPC Switching Service

Global Processing Centre provides financial institutions with transaction switching services for international payment systems, whether you are an issuer and/or acquirer. We cover the various processes in the transaction, from authorization to clearing to settlement. In addition, our experienced and professional staff are ready to support your financial institution in whatever certifications it is required by the the various international payment systems in order to launch new products or services.

An additional benefit of our service is that due to GPC’s own certifications, your institution will not need to go through any additional certification with a payment system in order to use our switching services since GPC is fully certified to operate in different regions. Implementation requires the establishment of a host-to-host connection to the institution in order to switch the issuing transactions from the payment system to the institution and, similarly, the acquirer transactions from the institution to the payment system. GPC then delivers the clearing files as received by the payment system for the institution to process them. GPC can also provide additional services such as reconciliation of payment system transactions and chargeback processing.

GPC is proud to provide its Switching Service for Mastercard, Visa and UnionPay International payment systems. Contact us if you want to find out more about how to connect your in-house or outsourced processing centre to one of these payment systems.