Payment Gateway

Our payment gateway service package is run on a highly efficient, fault tolerant engine for the switching, routing, approval and settlement for Interac, VISA, MC, Diners, Discover, Pulse, UPI and AMEX cardholders.

ACH Settlement

Our ACH settlement system:

  • Supports Issuing and Acquiring

  • Designed for multiple Network Payment Schemes and “On-Us” Bank Settlement

  • Calculates Daily Device (ATM & POS) settlement and reconciliation

  • Robust Self-Serve Dispute Management System

  • Reconciles all settlement categories (Purchase, Withdrawals, Surcharge, Interchange)

  • Supports settlement splitting to multiple payees

  • Customizable ACH scheduling (daily, weekly, monthly and terminal batch close)

  • Provides Detail and Summary Settlement Reporting (Bank, ISO and Merchant level)

  • Generates and delivers ACH files for overnight Bank Clearing Network