Card Issuing Services

GPC provides all the services specific to card issuing, catering to the technical services impacting the authorisation of cards.

This includes services such as ordering, modifying, deletion, defining card parameters; authorization and settlement services; provision of daily funds settlement detail and summary reports: risk management services such as fraud monitoring, identifying unusual card usage patterns; and reporting and analytic services, based on robust standard package and ability to customize for FIs card programs.

Card production services can be insourced or outsourced to a 3rd party. More information on this can be found in Card Management Services.

Issuing services are listed below:

  • Card Key Management Service

  • Core Banking Authoriser Service

  • Issuer Risk Management (Fallback, EMV options)

  • Issuing Fees and Limits

  • Multi Account Feature (card linked to multiple accounts)

  • Customer Notification Service (Email, SMS)

  • GPC Digital Banking Portal Service

Card Management Services

For more information on card management and the various programmes we can support, please click here:

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