Global Processing Centre Limited (GPC), is a leading FinTech company providing world-class financial processing services inclusive of a PCI compliant Data Processing Centre that processes electronic funds transfer transactions for banks and other entities operating in the global electronic commerce space, provides card services and facilitates mobile wallet commerce services.

A member of the Executive Corporate Holdings (ECH) Group out of Antigua, GPC was designed to facilitate a strong financial eco-system and payment architecture for the delivery and capture of Electronic Financial Transaction (EFT) payments. Founded in 2007, and initially established to provide convenient, secure and modern payment services for Financial Institutions in the Latin American Caribbean (LAC) region and Eastern Caribbean region, GPC can now be found supporting and providing FinTech services in the global marketplace.

In 2013, GPC's payment platform was used to launch SugaPay, the region's first modern payment ecosystem that included card services, smart-ATM services, merchant services and full integration within a mobile wallet. They enabled the credit union movement to expand their service offering and afforded a low-cost structure to support unbanked customers in emerging markets.

In 2015 GPC launched their North American entity, Global Processing Centre NA (GPCNA) to deliver premium payment processing solutions to the Canadian market by leveraging the strength of the GPC Antigua payment platform. Today, GPC currently delivers premium ATM payment processing solutions to twenty (20) Independent ATM deployers, residing in over two thousand (2000+) merchant locations and processing over three hundred thousand (300,000 +) ATM transactions per month (CAD47M).

Over the past 14 years, GPC has continually invested in the development and integration of emerging payment technologies, and currently operates its omni-channel payment platform which provides a full suite of payment products and services such as card issuing and acquiring, mobile wallets, e-commerce/m-commerce/g-commerce, next-gen hyper-smart ATM kiosk and Point-of-Sale hardware, driving and management, and e-government digital transformation.


Founded in Antigua

The Beginning

As a member of ECH Group, it was designed to facilitate a strong financial eco-system and payment architecture for EFT payments.


Financial innovation


GPC launched SugaPay, an innovative payment ecosystem, the first of its kind in the Caribbean, enabling credit unions, merchants and unbanked persons in emerging markets.


Expansion to Canada

The Expansion

GPC launched their North American entity, Global Processing Centre NA (GPCNA) to deliver premium payment processing solutions to the Canadian market


GPC Fintech Hub


GPC combines the Caribbean and North American teams to form a unified entity serving the global marketplace.


GPC is lead by a team of experts in the financial technology space who have a combined experience of over 100 years. They stand ready to walk you through any challenges you currently face and help transform your business into fintech-forward successes.

Justin Stuart-Young

Managing Director

Skype ID: justinsy [email protected]

Justin designed GPC’s PCI DSS certified Data Centre for issuing and acquiring processing services. He has since expanded services to the wider Caribbean and Canada, integrating with international and domestic payment switches.

Doug Epp

Head of Operations

Skype ID: doug.epp1 [email protected]

Doug used his 23+ years of experience launching ATM processing services in several global markets to spearhead the push for GPC to enter the Canadian market with a full suite of enhanced payment processing solutions.

Clifford Richstone

Head of Business Development

Skype ID: live:crichstone [email protected]

With nearly 20 years of Fintech experience in and a leading authority on ATMs and payment kiosks in retail and banking in Canada, Clifford and his team plan to expand GPC’s business in the Caribbean and North America.

Kaushik Pattnayak

Head of Digital Innovation

Skype ID: kaushikp [email protected]

Kaushik has 15 years of global payment industry experience, leading 100+ bank projects in Europe, Africa and Latin America. In his current role, he is tasked with ensuring that GPC is at the forefront of the Fintech industry.

Our mission, vision and values


We offer our clients the exceptional combination of a secure and trust-worthy world-class payments ecosystem and global subject matter expertise, which empowers them to continuously innovate and customize unique and valuable avenues of sustained growth as they successfully navigate the era of digital hyper-evolution.


A thriving multinational offering its diverse and global clientele the industry’s most innovative and dynamic payments technology that truly enables seamless and secure ways to transact, interoperability and inclusion without limits.

We will do this by attracting and inspiring some of the most talented people from across the world to create and do great things.

Core Values

We believe that honesty and integrity are the cornerstones of our business. We will be open and transparent in our communications and have the courage to have the hard conversations. We will listen, discuss and respect everyone’s opinion even when we don’t agree. We will take responsibly and always face the brutal facts.

We view innovation as the critical foundation of our never-ending journey of continuous improvement and actively choose it as the creative response to change. In order to remain hyper-competitive, we will always seek novel and imaginative methods of creating new value or capturing value in a new way. We will also champion incremental innovation that can solve everyday problems as well as disruptive innovation that can radically pivot the organization.

We place great importance on all of our external relationships, throughout our value chain. We view all of our clients, suppliers and strategic alliances as long-term partners with a vested and genuine interest in each other’s success. ‘We will work hard to build these long-term high quality relationships on a foundation of trust and professionalism.

Our People are at the heart of everything we do and everything we accomplish. We are invested in each other’s success through our shared sense of ownership and commitment. We create work environments where Team Members are actively encouraged to take the initiative, make their own decisions and develop their full potential. The independence to be creative will make our work meaningful each and every day.

We will continuously strive to create a shared mindset through a common identity and understanding. Our team will be soundly bound by a compelling direction, a strong structure and the right support. We will be able to innovate faster through our commitment to richer conversations, multiple perspectives and diversity of thought, creative problem solving and high-quality decision making. We will strive for higher productivity through delegation, skill specialization, peer accountability and joint learning. And we will be dedicated to strengthening our working relationships by continuously striving to improve open communication, motivate and support each other and built an environment of generous cooperation.