Universal Kiosk Benefits

  • Kiosk processed by omni-channel payment processing platform – the only of its kind in North American market
    – Retailer and processor can work to deliver customized services upon request relieving store staff of certain responsibilities reducing training costs and turnover impact
  • Driving foot traffic
    – Multiple complimentary value-add “digital” products drives more traffic into store with cash in hand
  • Kiosk designed to deliver convenient services to un-banked and near-banked services
    – High demand due to bank branch closures
  • Kiosk equipped with cash accepter for all transaction types
    – Net new store traffic with cash in hand shoppers
  • Micro-loan feature
    – Loan company will drive their clients into stores and arm them with cash in hand driving in-store purchases
  • More revenue
    – More services result in more earning potential
    – Partners driving net new clients into stores
    – More cash in hand foot traffic drives store sales

Dynamic Currency Conversion?

Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) at the ATM allows international cardholders to withdraw cash at the value of their home currency by instantly converting and displaying the adjusted value on the ATM screen. This gives them full and immediate disclosure of the withdrawal amount as well as any fees being charged.

DCC for your business

  • DCC for ATMs is a value added transaction that is easily enabled and creates a net new revenue stream.
  • DCC is the first transaction since the approval of surcharging on international transactions that creates a net new revenue stream on already existing international cardholder transactions.
  • DCC moves the FX conversion rate decision to the ATM acquiring network thereby moving the FX margin forward to the acquirers.
  • DCC is optional, but studies show that international cardholders will opt to select the DCC ATM offer between 60% to 70% of the time.
  • The DCC FX rate spread can be adjusted in realtime to ensure market competitive rates are always presented.

DCC for your customers

  • DCC is processed in real time and displays the home currency equivalent on the ATM screen and receipt. This is the actual amount that will be debited on the cardholder’s bank account.
  • DCC provides tourists and business travellers with a clearly communicated and competitive FX conversion rate.
  • The customer does not need to wait until he receives his bank statement to see what amount was charged for a foreign ATM withdrawal.