Payment Gateway

Our payment gateway service package is run on a highly efficient, fault-tolerant engine for the switching and routing of electronic payment transactions. The service offers an accredited connection to Visa and Mastercard payment schemes and facilitates all types of transactions across all delivery channels.

We provide a flexible API whereby any operation or combination of operations can be actioned through a single API.

ACH Settlement

  • Supports Issuing and Acquiring
  • Designed for multiple Network Payment Schemes and “On-Us” Bank Settlement
  • Calculates Daily Device (ATM & POS) settlement and reconciliation
  • Robust Self-Serve Dispute Management System
  • Reconciles all settlement categories (Purchase, Withdrawals, Surcharge, Interchange)
  • Supports settlement splitting to multiple payees
  • Customizable ACH scheduling (daily, weekly, monthly and terminal batch close)
  • Provides Detail and Summary Settlement Reporting (Bank, ISO and Merchant level)
  • Generates and delivers ACH files for overnight Bank Clearing Network