Who we are

Global Processing Centre Limited (GPC), is a leading FINTECH hub providing financial processing services inclusive of a PCI compliant Data Processing Centre that processes electronic funds transfer transactions for banks and other entities operating in the global electronic commerce space, card services and mobile wallet commerce services.

Founded in 2007, and initially established to provide convenient, secure and modern payment services for Financial Institutions in the Latin American Caribbean (LAC) region and Eastern Caribbean region, GPC can now be found supporting and providing FINTECH services in the global marketplace. In 2016 GPC launched their North American entity, Global Processing Centre NA (GPCNA) to deliver premium payment processing solutions to the Canadian market by leveraging the strength of the GPC Antigua payment platform.

A member of the Executive Corporate Holdings (ECH) Group out of Antigua, GPC is designed to facilitate a strong financial eco-system and payment architecture for the delivery and capture of Electronic Financial Transaction (EFT) payments. We are a bank neutral processor, providing turnkey processing solutions for financial institutions, their merchants and service providers by integrating industry proven technologies and infrastructure.

Today, GPC creates a strategic advantage for the ECH Group because of its modernized processing platform capability, that supports Fintech development for G-commerce, E-commerce, Mobile commerce, Card Issuing and Acquiring, and ATM driven services.

GPC has continually invested into the development and integration of emerging payment technologies and has established an innovative multi-channel payment platform for both issuing and acquiring services that has leap-frogged past many third-party processors in LAC and Canada.

With years of experience in the financial, operational, and compliance spaces, GPC has established a fully PCI DSS certified data centre operating a multi-channel platform for cards, electronic wallets, mobile payments, e-commerce/m-commerce and even government or g-commerce. Our management and team include professionals with extensive banking and processing experience, and we are able to provide consultation services to all interested banks, merchants and cardholders.

Here is our commitment to you.

Clients we serve

    In order to meet the increasing needs of financial institutions in the region, we upgraded our processing platform to considerably expand our transaction processing portfolio to include credit, debit and prepaid card products and mobile wallets, as well as POS, ATM, and e-Commerce, m-Commerce and g-Commerce acquiring solutions.
    Robust suite of ATM, KIOSK and POS value add processing and ISO back office integrated solutions
    The GPC Cloud Platform enables any fintech to connect and deliver their content to our existing network.  
    Next Generation ATM and POS solutions custom developed for merchant retailers wanting to leverage digital technology.
    Payment and ACH solutions. Government benefits can be applied to a prepaid card.  An e-commerce portal can accept government payments.

Markets we serve

  • LATIN AMERICA AND CARIBBEAN, including Haiti, Antigua and Anguilla
  • SOUTH AMERICA, including Guyana and Suriname


  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • UnionPay
  • Interac